Some families see moving as an exciting event full of new adventures. Others find it to be a stressful experience. Either way, you should have a thoughtful and strategic plan. Ken’s Moving and Packing in Queens, New York will help you with local & long-distance moving to your new home or business. We will even help you pack! Our goal is to make moving days as affordable and easy as possible!

Local & Long-distance Moving

Packing Tips for Local & Long-Distance Moving

The best way to get started on planning your move is first to get rid of any unwanted items. Many of us keep items, thinking that they may come in handy at a later time, but, frequently, they just end up cluttering up your house.

Secondly, it’s helpful to keep all moving documents in one place. Keep important papers related to the move, such as addresses and utility information, in a safe and accessible spot. Other documents can be packed away.

Thirdly, start packing as soon as possible. Waiting to pack can cause the stress you are trying to avoid. You will need to get the materials to begin, such as boxes and wrapping. Ken’s Moving and Packing has a variety of box sizes, including wardrobes boxes, dish, linen, and book boxes, that you can use when you pack. We can also supply white paper bundles and packing tape to secure your belongings. If you don’t have the time to pack for yourself, we can help with that, too. One of the services we provide is professional packing for your move.

Fourthly, pack one room at a time so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. Start with non-essential items. As you pack, label the outside of your boxes with a detailed list of items within. This kind of organization will save you time and effort when you move into your new home and need to unpack.

Lastly, make a moving checklist. Keeping yourself organized will help make the move go smoothly. A list should include action items related to leaving your old home, such as getting supplies and cleaning after you go. Include other action items related to your new home, such as turning on utilities, packing, and things to buy for your new house.

Prepare for Local & Long-Distance Moving

The Department of Transportation offers the following helpful information for moving:

  • Get at least 3 estimates from different companies.
  • Ask for an “Order for Service” with a dollar amount.
  • Read and keep all documents related to the move.
  • Understand the mover’s liability.
  • Allow for delays. Be flexible within a few days of the moving date.
  • Give the movers your contact information so they can call you when they arrive at your destination.

Moving Costs

Our company provides services that include intrastate and interstate moves, in other words, local & long-distance moving. Many of our customers move within New York State. However, others move across state boundaries to Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington D.C. We are fully licensed to travel to the Atlantic Corridor.

Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, costs are based on the number of men, travel time, trucks, and materials. The amount of mileage determines the number of men required, which can range from 2 to 5. Moving long distances can be exceptionally costly, but doing it yourself would be much more difficult. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of a long-distance move is $4,300. Our goal is to give you the best price for a move.

The Ken’s Moving and Packing Family

The quality of our work is important to us so that our customers are fully satisfied. Therefore, every moving job is supervised by a family member. Our work has been awarded the “Best in Boro Award” by The Courier, which recognizes the best businesses in Queens, New York. So, when you are ready to move, give us a call at (718) 639-8686 for a free estimate. You will be glad you did!